Selecting the Right Strategy Is Critical

Selecting the right strategy is critical to your success.checkmate

The right strategy will:

  • Strengthen your position in the marketplace
  • Give you a competitive advantage
  • Move you toward your vision for the future.

But how do you select the right strategy?

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Leverage Innate Strengths to Increase Productivity and Employee Engagement

To achieve success in your organization you need to produce the desired outcomes in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Leveraging the innate strengths, talents and interaction of your human resource - the people in your organization is the key to your success. Businesses ARE people. Nonprofit organizations ARE people. Families ARE people. Being able to maximize the strengths of your human resource asset is absolutely essential, especially in this economic climate.

Are You Maximizing Innate Strengths

  • Do you know the innate strengths of your leadership team? Your Employees?Competency_grid
  • Is your leadership team a high performing team?
  • Do you have the right people in the right jobs?
  • Do your team members communicate effectively?
  • Do your managers spend time settling disputes and conflicts rather than being able to focus on productive work?
  • Does your Board interact effectively and utilize each member's strengths?
  • Do miscommunications or lack of communications reduce productivity?

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Laser Insights
"Matters of principle stand like a rock."
- Thomas Jefferson
Trends to Track
"Consumer advocacy agencies and organization will continue to proliferage, promoting improved content labels, warning notices, nutrition data, and
the like on packaging, TV, the Internet, and even restaurant menus."

 - Trends Shaping Tomorrow's World, The Futurist, May-June, 2010

How will your business anticipate the impact of this trend?

Facts Flash

Companies that use Web 2.0 tools achieved 18%increase in employee engagement compared to 1% among companies that didn't use Web 2.0.

-Intranet 2.0 Tools and Taking Aim: Strtaegies for Selling Social Media to Target Audiences in Your Organization